An initial appointment with us can help you unmask any issues you believe are interfering in your day-to-day functioning.

Some of the most common reasons people seek our help:

• Alcohol and drug abuse
• Anger management
• Anxiety
• Behavioural problems
• Bipolar disorder
• Bullying
• Compulsive behaviour
• Couples counselling
• Depression
• Eating disorders
• Emotional Issues
• Family issues
• Fears and phobias
• Insomnia
• Life changes
• Life coaching
• Life issues
• Lifestyle transitions
• Loss and grief
• Marital problems
• Mental disorders
• Mood disorders
• Obsessive behaviour
• Panic attacks
• Parenting issues
• Personal growth
• Post traumatic stress
• Relationship issues
• Schizophrenia and psychosis
• School problems
• Self-defeating patterns
• Self-esteem issues
• Sexual concerns
• Sleeping problems
• Stress management
• Worker’s compensation
• Workplace bullying
• Work stress and issues

Depression is a particularly wide-ranging and wide-reaching issue many people struggle with.

Here are some common signs of depression:

• General feeling of hopelessness or helplessness
• Lack of pleasure in things previously pleasurable
• Ongoing negative thoughts and ideas
• Lack of sleep or sleeping too much
• Not eating or eating too much
• Feelings of self loathing
• Poor concentration
• Social withdrawal
• Loss of energy
• Irritability

It might help to discuss any of the above signs with your G.P. If necessary, your doctor can then write a referral to one of our experienced clinicians.